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School Branding

Boost school pride and engagement with our exceptional Environmental Graphic Design consulting, fabrication and installation. Experience 38 years of expertise in all types of signage and letters.

Elevate Your School Identity with Brand 9:  The Ultimate School Branding Solution

Are you looking to boost your school’s pride, engagement, and sense of belonging? Look no further!  We are here to revolutionize the way your school or campus is perceived.  With over 37 years of experience and discernment in the design and fabrication of high-quality school branding, with have the expertise to make your institution stand out.  The tone of voice you project is one of the most important elements in your brand identity.  Let’s get it right.

Why Choose Brand 9?

38 Years of Experience:  Our team has a long-standing legacy of delivering exceptionally design and fabricated products for school branding.  We have a deep understanding of how to tailor the right message to reflect your school’s unique identity.

High-Quality Craftsmanship:  We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch quality in everything we do.  From material selection to campus navigation, our team ensures that every detail is perfect.

Wayfinding Solutions:  We understand that every school is unique, and our team of experts will work closely with you to create a branding solution that best fits your institution’s needs and goals.

Benefits of School and Campus Branding

  1. Enhanced School Pride:  A well-branded campus fosters a sense of unity and pride among students, faculty, and staff.  It creates an environment where everyone feels connected and motivated to excel.
  2. Increased Engagement: A strong visual identity encourages participation in school events, activities, and programs, strengthening the bond between students and their school.
  3. Positive First Impressions: An attractive and cohesive campus brand message leaves a lasting impact on visitors, prospective students, and their families, which can influence enrollment and perception.
  4. Tone of Voice: Consistent branding across campus facilities and communication materials helps create a professional image and demonstrates the school’s commitment to excellence.
  5. Community Recognition:  A well-established brand identity will make your school easily recognizable within your community, fostering positive relationships with local businesses, organizations, and residents.

Ready to Transform Your School?

Make Your Mark™ and give your school the branding makeover it deserves!  Contact us today HERE and let us help you elevate your school’s identity to new heights.


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