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Personalized Wooden Carved Signs


Personalized Wooden Carved Signs | Customizable with Our Designer Templates.  If you need any help with the ordering process do not hesitate to call us at 888-460-1308


Step 1: In the upper left corner Click ‘Manage Layers’ to reveal the elements available to make adjustments. Choose your Border and Edge colors.

Step 2: Choose Your Typography Details.  Please limit the amount of copy to 1 to 3 words which fit between the mounting holes.  

This particular sign is only available with text.  There is not enough room for any clip art symbols or logo uploads.  


Personalized Wooden Carved Signs | 3D


“Ace’s” expertly designed personalized wooden carved signs are 4″ x 18.5″ x .75″ and customizable using our user friendly online sign builder tool.  He has provided just the right amount of creative options for you to tailor an amazing routed sign.  Our bespoke portal has a vast selection of typography and color palettes.  The unique user experience, we’ve created, positions our clients as if they are standing right next to us ordering these beautiful signs.  It’s all about the little details that separate our products from anyone else.  If anything matters, everything matters.

This custom routed sign has a 5 year exterior life and withstand anything outside of natural disasters  Our signs are of superior quality and not assembled or glued together materials, but rather routed from a solid sheet of birch lumber and soon from corian, metal and stone.  The routed signs we produce are used in homes, businesses, neighborhoods, communities and offices around the world.  We make solid high quality signs, with designer shapes, at a very reasonable price point with a fast turnaround time.  In most cases this product, regardless of size, are being packaged from our production shop within 2 weeks of the order being placed.  Let’s build a masterpiece.

We offer all of our 3D routed signs as an LED illuminated option as well.

Personalized Carved Signs

4" x 18.5" x .75"

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