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New York City 3D Art



27″ x 46″ x 1″ Mixed Media Wall Art.  This dimensional art piece represents the heart of New York City.  This is a truly unique masterpiece that looks fantastic combined with the LOVE and HOPE pieces.

New York City 3D Art | Manhattan | Mixed Media


We love all things New York, The Big Apple or simply The City. There’s no place quite like New York City with it’s culture, art, museums, music, theatre, architecture, history, energy and of course food. So, ask yourself do you love the city?  Do you love modern wall decor?  Do you love all high quality art pieces that make a statement in your home or office?  Do you like unique maps?  Look no further we create these ultra high end impressive art pieces within our modern decor category that are the statement piece to any home, office or business. Combine this beautiful dimensional art piece together within our complete NYC collection including our LOVE and HOPE wall art.

If you can make it there you can make it anywhere and if you’d like to bring that spirit into your home, office, hotel or business you’ll have something that is quite a conversation piece. After all in New York concrete jungle where dreams are made of there’s nothin’ you can’t do.

New York City 3D Map | Manhattan | The Tycoon | Art – Mixed Media Glass and Acrylic Individually Hand Painted to Create a Stunning Modern Showpiece.


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