Custom Illuminated Signs


Custom Illuminated Signs | If you need any help with the ordering process do not hesitate to call us at 888-460-1308.  Your desktop version works best.


Step 1: In the upper left corner Click ‘Manage Layers’. Choose your Background, Border and Edge colors – please *LOCK* those selections into place.

Step 2: Choose Your Words & Typography.  ‘Back’ will populate another menu to edit your typography further.  (All Text is White)

Step 3: If you’d like to include your logo Click ‘Add Logo’ (we will recreate it if necessary).  The most preferred file is a vector based pdf (All Logo’s are White).

Please limit the words on your sign to 6. The Border, Text and Logo must be white.  The adjustments to those colors are controlled with the RGB LED illumination.  


Custom Illuminated Signs

Our expertly designed custom illuminated signs are customizable using our user friendly online sign builder tool.  He has provided just the right amount of creative options for you to tailor an amazing routed sign.  Our bespoke portal has a vast selection of typography, color palettes, clip art symbols and a logo upload option.  The unique user experience, we’ve created, positions our clients as if they are standing right next to us ordering these beautiful signs.  We can walk you through the process by phone or simply take all your information using the site examples and provide a proof on any product.

What does your sign say about yourself or your business?  Does it reflect a strong, positive perception you want to portray?  The intangible qualities of your branding tell a story and every detail matters.  A high quality sign is one of the most important pieces in telling your story.  In many instances, a sign, is the first physical representation of your brand.  How many cosmetic dentistry offices are entrusted with someone’s teeth with a below average sign?  We understand the significance of signs and want to be an asset to you.

While we cannot give away our industry secrets, we can say our signs are truly unique, expertly crafted signs and fabricated one at a time as pieces of art.  From beginning to end we use our collective 3 dimensional sign making experience mastery since 1986.  Our custom illuminated signs are truly unique, expertly crafted and fabricated one at a time as pieces of art.  As a result, our finished products are remarkable. You can see and feel the difference immediately. Each sign is meticulously painted by hand one at a time by our trained artisans.

The same options available on our non-illuminated 3D signs in terms of reflective, carbon fiber and our modern industrial finish are available on these illuminated signs as well.  The color selection for the border and text, as well as your logo upload, will need to be white.  So, when the sign is not turned on the white acrylic will be visible.  This allows the full color RGB color options to show through when illuminated.

Our custom illuminated signs have a 2 year warranty and are easy to access.  These beautiful and unique products come standard with a remote control and power supply.  These signs are used in homes, businesses and offices around the world.  In most cases our sign orders, regardless of size, are being packaged from our production shop within 2 weeks of the order being placed.  Let’s build a masterpiece.

We offer all of our shapes in an illuminated option and have a non-illuminated customizable version available as well.


Custom Illuminated Signs

23.5" x 28" x 3.5", 33.5" x 40" x 5.5"

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