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Custom Big Finger


The Big Finger | Customizable Routed Wall Art | Available in 22″ x 12″ x 1″ and 27.5″ x 15″ x 1″ | If you need any help with the ordering process do not hesitate to call us at 888-460-1308

Design Steps: CLICK CUSTOMIZE – For your convenience each routed sign contains a variety of clip art selections which can be relocated, scaled and colored accordingly from within the “Choose From Designs” section on the top right corner. 

Step 1: In the upper left corner Click ‘Manage Layers’ to reveal the elements available to make adjustments. Choose your Inside Field from a variety of options including hundreds of them labeled by specific sports team.  Click *LOCK* to secure your selection and move to the next step.

Step 2: Choose your Outside Border.  Again, please click *LOCK* to secure your selection.

Step 3: Choose Your Typography and Adjustments by clicking directly on them as they populate.  To further edit your typography, click the word ‘back’ within the secondary menu.  This will generate further options for you to choose from.

Please limit the name on your sign to one of two words to allow enough space for routing, for example B. HARTLEY or BOBBY. H.  The Number field is self explanatory and can be deleted to make room for a larger name, if you prefer.  Please note that all of your typography will need to fall within the white inset border which is routed 1/2″ in depth.  The “Add Print Text” section cannot be used on this product, as it is a tool used to enhance printed items only.


Custom Big Finger | 3D Routed


Enrich your space with the nostalgia of the 1970’s. We bring to life the recognizable sports big foam finger in a modern art piece, The Big Finger. We CNC route this contemporary piece into 1″ high density urethane. Customize it with a number and name field of your choice, including a color to match your favorite team.

The original concept of the iconic American sports symbol dates back to early 1970s. It was created by Steve Chmelar and constructed of hardware cloth and papier-mache.  Later in 1976, Geral Fauss, a teacher at Cy-Fair High School created ‘foam’ fingers to show support where he taught. Fauss first sold his foam fingers at the 1978 Cotton Bowl in Dallas (University of Texas vs Notre Dame). He later went on to find Sprit Industries for the large-scale manufacturing of foam fingers.  In 1979, Sprit Industries produced the first polyurethane foam version for the product.

Fast forward to today and it is our turn to carry on the custom Big Finger tradition.  As you’ve probably noticed, our version is customizable with your team colors.  Take advantage of our extensive database of sports team colors and typography fields for your custom personalization.

Choose from plenty of designer shapes and two different sizes.  We show the sample size of 22″ x 12″ using a Troy Red inside field and a Troy Grey Border.  As always, free shipping anywhere within the continental U.S.!

The Big Finger

22" x 12" x 1", 27.5" x 15" x 1"

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