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Spring Park Elementary Case Study

Spring Park Elementary

Objective: Our mission was to craft an unparalleled branded environment at Spring Park Elementary, resonating with children, parents, faculty, and the wider community. We aimed to boost the school’s brand visibility and foster a positive, engaging learning environment for young students.

Design Concept and Implementation: Leveraging the school’s owl mascot, we embarked on a journey to integrate fresh, impactful ideas into the school’s ethos. Our design process culminated in the production of high-quality, dimensional acrylic life-size owl wings, motivational signage, and a custom aluminum frame for large stadium letters in the auditorium.

Strategic Key Performance Indicator (KPI): Since the project’s completion in August 2023, we’ve achieved significant milestones. There have been 700 brand mentions related to the owl wings, 450 mentions of the motivational content in hallways, and a feature in the Clay Today newspaper highlighting the front office’s transformation.

Impact and Results: The tangible results of this branding initiative are evident in the increased brand mentions and a robust online presence. This, paired with the involvement of the Clay District School’s Police force in ceremonies at the site of the owl wings, showcases heightened community engagement. These accomplishments reflect not just actual value through quantifiable results but also perceived value, including enhanced school pride, boosted student morale, and stronger community relationships.

The success of this initiative is not a momentary triumph but a continuous journey, marked by achievements in the short-term, and paving the way for medium and long-term goals. This project stands as a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of effective school branding.

One Hanover Square | SomeraRoad

Objective: The revitalization of One Hanover Square, a historic landmark in downtown New York, aims to respect and reflect its rich history while seamlessly integrating contemporary branding elements. The project is focused on developing an interior directory and corporate office branding that harmonizes with the building’s original aesthetics, embodying a design that feels as if it has always been a part of this iconic structure.

Design Concept and Implementation: Our approach is to weave the essence of One Hanover Square’s storied past with modern design sensibilities, creating a cohesive narrative that pays homage to its historical significance. Drawing inspiration from the building’s unique architectural features and its prominent role in New York’s history, as detailed in this article, our design concept includes the following elements:

Strategic Key Performance Indicator (KPI): 

Impact and Results:

One Hanover Case Study
Christ's Church Case Study

Christ's Church

Objective: The objective of the wayfinding and campus branded environment project for Christ’s Church is to establish a modern harmony between form and function. Our focus is on rebranding the exterior wayfinding and monument signs to enhance the overall campus aesthetic while maintaining practical navigation efficiency. The project also includes the integration of dimensional eagle wings, symbolizing the church’s branding ethos and adding a distinctive, inspirational element to the environment.

Design Concept and Implementation: The design concept for Christ’s Church revolves around creating a visually appealing and functionally effective wayfinding system that complements the church’s existing architecture and ethos.

Strategic Key Performance Indicator (KPI): 

Impact and Results:

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