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It all starts with a few easy clicks.  Join the businesses, government agencies and individuals, with whom we have worked with over the last 36 years both in the USA and globally.

Your sign tells the world the story of who you are.  We work with you to help you tell that story.  From bars to pharmacies and stores to colleges, businesses large and small, there isn’t a wall we cannot produce a sign for.

Explore our contemporary interior decor and architectural pieces when you’re looking for that unique statement piece for your business or home.

All over our website you will see dozens of signs. Be inspired by those signs and we will custom make something new for you.  We can make that happen.  Just call 888-460-1308 or click here.  If you like what you see, why not customize the sign you like with our many easy-to-use templates.  Upload your logo or choose your symbol, colors and typography.  Click here to get started.

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What Our Clients Have To Say


Brand 9 has delivered exceptional quality for my business including exterior and interior signage for the last 15 years. They provide incredible attention to detail & multiple options with “outside of the box” design. I’m a repeat customer for all of those reasons. Your sign is the signature of your brand—make sure you stand out.


We want to thank Brand 9 Signs for this amazing custom sign.  Definitely exceeded our expectations.  This light up signs is unique and makes our brand stand out.  Working with the team at Brand 9 was a successful experience.  We look forward to more projects with the Brand 9 team.


I recommend this place to anyone who see’s this review. I have never seen such a place where everything is fully customizable! Shapes, colors backgrounds etc… the team worked diligently with me to makes sure I got the product I was looking for. They helped turn my vision into reality, the outcome was amazing and the customer service was even better.


Thanks to Brand 9 Signs for making our beautiful new curbside pickup signs for all of our locations.


Thank you Brand 9 Signs for the incredible interior wayfinding project completed within our new office space along with the signage for our communities.


Brand 9 has been producing signs for the communities we manage for over 25 years.  The clients we represent are always, and without fail, thrilled with the results.


We recently ordered some signs from Brand 9 and were blown away by the quality of their products.  The graphics were of art gallery quality.  Not only that, but their service was top-notch and my signs were delivered quickly.  I highly recommend Brand 9!


If you’re in need of high-quality signs, displays, or graphics, look no further than Brand 9.  Their products and customer service have been exceptional for us over a 20 year period.  I’ll definitely be using Brand 9 in the future.


I can’t say enough good thing about Brand 9!  Their routed signs are of the highest quality, and delivery was second to none.  I am always amazed by how quickly I receive the projects.


Brand 9 was courteous and professional throughout the whole project.  They had the sign made and installed quicker than originally projected and we greatly appreciate it.


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