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Your Brand Matters.  At Brand 9, we have created a one-of-kind platform that provides you with a wide selection of customizable 3D products, including signs, memorabilia, show-stopping contemporary home decor pieces and one-of-a-kind architectural surface products.

We are delighted to be the home of Ace, our innovative mastermind behind the cutting-edge technology that allows you to create bespoke products in a few easy steps, over the phone or in person consultations.

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Brand 9 has delivered exceptional quality for my business including exterior and interior signage for the last 15 years. They provide incredible attention to detail & multiple options with “outside of the box” design. I’m a repeat customer for all of those reasons. Your sign is the signature of your brand—make sure you stand out.

– Katherine Baustert

Home | Brand 9 © | Customizable 3D Dimensional Signs | Modern Decor

We want to thank Brand 9 Signs for this amazing custom sign.  Definitely exceeded our expectations.  This light up signs is unique and makes our brand stand out.  Working with Bobby and team at Brand 9 was a successful experience.  We look forward to more projects with the Brand 9 team.

-Socal Smoke Shop

Home | Brand 9 © | Customizable 3D Dimensional Signs | Modern Decor

I recommend this place to anyone who see’s this review. I have never seen such a place where everything is fully customizable! Shapes, colors backgrounds etc… the team worked diligently with me to makes sure I got the product I was looking for. They helped turn my vision into reality and The outcome was amazing and the customer service was even better.

-Robert Hankins

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    What Makes a Great Sign?

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    What’s in a sign? It’s something we think about as we design and produce custom signage for businesses and organizations. One of the basic things that play into design is the way that signs make us feel. When you really sit down and think about it, you get a lot of emotional and logistical direction …

  • 4 Elements of an Effective Sign Design in 2023

    Finding unique ways to promote your products/services to consumers is something you should be passionate about as a business owner. There are several ways to advertise what your business offers, but few are as effective as a well-designed sign. Signs can be used at trade shows, on sidewalk displays and in your commercial storefront.  On …

  • Ace’s Boom Box Chronicles Part 1: A Brief History of the Boombox

    Prior to portable speakers, the iPod, Walkman cassette players, and MP3s were a special era in music history. The time of toting a heavy speaker box around that played radio…

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